Friday, September 25, 2009

More Gift Markets, Festivals and Bizarres

One great thing about living in H'town is there is no shortage of places to go and people to see.

A big thank you to the Houston Chronicle for compiling a gigantic list of Fall Bazaars and Festivals....their words not mine.

Who even uses that word 'bizarre' anymore?

I think my friend's Hubs put it best...Bizarre Festivals.

I think you can agree there is some unique selections of items.

I owe The Chronicle a big smooch because not having to hunt down show locations and carefully select the Northwest choices saved me tons of time ...which is muy importante because I'm in the middle of watching Flash Forward...which is a bizarre festival all its own.

I'm not usually a drama-show kinda girl..I'm the type that reads ahead in books because I often can't stand the tension that has been created.

What a WILD ride that show was. I think I just might be hooked.

Anyhoo...check out the list and let the shopping begin! Fall is here!

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