Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thinking Ahead: Summer Activities

The hard thing about a blog is when you start writing, you truly have to keep writing...even when you run out of words or other things vie for your attention. Or at least...that is what I thought.

I do love to write about really fun things to do in our area but there are just other things that need my attention... plain and simple...and at the end of the day...it's just a silly 'ol blog anyway, right? And with the miracle of the internet and word-of-mouth communication with Cypress Ladies..there are a bazillion ways to get information.

But...I didn't want to leave you hanging on summer activities.

I won't be creating the normal posts this year but I am going to link to last year's posts and all you'll have to do is visit that site and look for this year's info. And I am also going to include links to where I have gotten my info in the past so you can find awesome summer camps that might be brand new.

Spring Break Camps

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Sports Camps

Outdoor Camps

Indoor Camps

Summer Fun 2011 (includes all camp posts from last year)

Great resources for Community Fun

*Community Impact Newspaper

*CyFair Magazine

*CyFair Magazine Events Page

*CyFair Magazine Camps Page (this is childcare as well, camps post in the Spring)

*Living Magazine

*Summer Day Camps.com

And as always....if you have ideas, leave a comment or shoot me an email and I can add it to the post.