Friday, August 7, 2009

Snapfish Photo Adventure

It's August... summer camps, activities and vacations are winding down and you feel like you just might be the poster child for Sunsweet prunes if you don't cut back on the pool time.


Very soon.

Help is here.

Snapfish Photo Adventure

Snapfish has partnered with Leap Frog to bring you and your kids a fun photo adventure everyone will enjoy. It's easy to get started, just choose one of their four adventure themes (beach, fun around the house, camping or theme parks & fairs) and let your kids get snapping.

And it's easy to win prizes! Complete all 7 challenges per theme and get 50% off any size collage poster. Finish four themes and get a FREE 5" x 7" photo book!

The fun only lasts until August 31 so get started today. This photo op could be in your future!

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