Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LUMA Light Show at Miller Outdoor Theater

Looking for a little culture for your kiddos?

Gish Pics is a great resource for fine arts happenings in Houston.

Today's e-newsletter included the very fun show below. Check it out!

LUMA is the world's first "Human Light Show" that has been seen on four continents, a dozen countries, and coast to coast in the United States. LUMA brings cutting edge illuminated technology to the stage fused to a wide variety of disciplines from dance, magic, puppetry, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, and physics phenomenon. LUMA depicts a world of luminosity from fireflies to meteors from carnival rides to screen savers.

LUMA recaptures that innocent fascination we all have from our first play with a flashlight under the covers, to our yearly pilgrimage to fireworks shows in the summer and our reveling in the holiday lights in the winter.

The show is at the Miller Outdoor Theater the Friday and Saturday ONLY at 8:30.

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