Monday, January 18, 2010

Strength Sessions by Christie Lacy

Taking pictures.....really good pictures, is a gift.

Capturing the right expression allows that memory to live on way past what our mind remembers.

Christie Lacy has the gift.

I believe her heart has so much to do with her work. She is one of those gals that lights up a room and has the ability to make you feel as if you are the best family/person she has ever photographed. And when you get the proofs back? You totally agree.

She's also incredibly creative and she's ready to share her newest idea with you.

Strength Sessions

Strength Sessions are a complimentary photo session + package focusing on people (and if applicable, their families) who are walking a really tough road with grace, dignity and strength. This is an opportunity to document the strength of their story and the inspiration they have been as they live, as they fight, as they overcome.

Here’s where you can be a part of this. Take a moment to consider the people in your life: the people you cross paths with daily, the people you know at church, at work, at school. What challenges have they been given? What situations do they face that might seem just flat out seem like it's TOO much bear? What have they had to overcome? Christie wants you to introduce them to her.

Email her their stories, maybe a photo or two. Tell her a little bit about them, how they’ve affected your live, why you are inspired by them and why you think they deserve to have a Strength Session. The deadline is February 5th.

Wasn't it Eleanor Roosevelt that said women are like tea bags.....the hotter the water, the stronger they become? Read more about Strength Sessions here.

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