Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rooms To Go...literally

I have had a massive bee in my bonnet.

You see, we are having our carpets cleaned in T minus 4 days and major surgery has to be done for him to be able to actually get to some areas of my carpet.

Don't judge.

So, I began cleaning out every square inch of my house on Monday and I'm not sure my back will every be the same again because I also rearranged my kiddos rooms....

You know where this is going.

So, I have a deal for you!

You've heard of bed in a bag..I've got that and a bit extra.

Do you have a little guy who is about to embarque on the wonderous journey of having his very own big guy room?

I'm your gal. Check this out.

I have a custom full/queen duvet comforter, 1 bed skirt, 2 European pillows, 3 accent pillows, 2 sets of full size sheets and a padded mattress cover for $75.

Can you hardly stand how cute these pillows are? The small one is a propeller with leather and fleece a bomber jacket. The large star pillow has the same leather and fleece trim.

It's true!

The front of the duvet is a black and khaki check and the back is black and khaki ticking. AND the duvet has authentic military buttons as detail.

Both sets of full sheets have authentic ribbon trim purchased at a company that makes military medals and such.

If you are having an 'ick' moment about buying someone else's sheets...I assure you...we are VERY clean people. If you have been reading this blog long, you know I err on the side of OCD. I'm just sayin'....

And the bedskirt is the same fabric as the European pillows with fabric insets the same as the front of the duvet.

Bottom line...these are priced to move.

Entire Bedding Set $75

Interested? Email me at

Have a friend who might be? Pass this along!

I also have a gently used Fuzion Scooter for $35 and a huge set of Rokenbok for $40.....ok...stop the madness! I'm done.

**disclaimer....don't worry, I'm not turning my blog into an electronic yard sale. I just wanted these darn cute items to go to a good home and thought I could spread the word to lots of mommies this way!\

**Originally had other furniture but it has since sold.

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