Thursday, October 8, 2009

She's Movin' On

I'm a Tea Room gal.

Love the food, love the iced tea, and especially love the company while I'm there.

I love them so much, I created an entire post, just about Rabbit Food and Fruity Tea awhile back.

So, I'm sitting at Flag Football practice the other night when a good friend texts me that my favorite Tea Room of all time, Idyl Hours, is vacant.

Sign down... empty....deserted.

I couldn't dial my phone fast enough. Texting wasn't going to do! I needed details. Stat!

After going through all the possible scenarios we could think of, we went to the world wide web to solve our mystery.

The answer was right there, front page, on her website.

Stella decided to write that book she's been wanting to write and focus on catering and delivery instead of running the Tea Room day in and day out.

Although my Thursdays will never be the same without her Tequila Lime Chicken Crepes, I'm so excited for her and her new season of life.

Thanks, Stella, for providing such a fun place for us gals to regain some sanity and enjoy some amazing food over the years. There is no one quite like you...and I mean that in the best way.

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