Tuesday, May 12, 2009

St. Basil's Greek Festival

Can I just say outloud that I am a big fan of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It is one of those movies that sucks me in EVERY time....just like Remember the Titans. Where do you think the oh-so-popular phrases like "You are overcooking my grits" and "Zero fun, Sir" came from? Love me some Remember the Titans.

Big Fat Greek Wedding gives you a sneak peek into what a Greek family looks like. Big, loud, crazy, nosey, nutty but amazingly fun at the same time. Some of that crazy behavior has to be due to the Hormones (pronounced Hor-mon(long o)-nes (neez). Have no idea what I am talking about? Rent that movie today. It's an insant mood lifter. Promise.

This weekend is your chance to experience 'Life Outloud' at the St. Basil's Greek Festival or better known as The Festival of Greece. There will be eating, dancing, stuff for the kids, eating, cooking lessons and MORE eating! Even a Gyro eating contest.

I have to admit I've never attended...just heard about it from my pal Christina F. over at Nina Loca and I'm thinkin' this is MY year to experience it for myself.

The fun begins Thursday night at 7 and continues until 5:30 on Sunday. Check their schedule for more details.

I could tell you more but I'd have to kill ya. Oh wait...that's Italian.

If I missed anything, leave a comment and I'll add it in!


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