Monday, April 20, 2009

Bless Your Beautiful Hide

By show of hands, who knew what I was going to blog about BEFORE they even read the post.

If you had no clue, RUN to the video store or library and get your hands on a copy of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

In 1850, a bold "mountain man" living in the Oregon woods brings home a bride to his six slovenly brothers. Taming the rambunctious brood, his new bride proceeds to make gentlemen of them so they can woo sweethearts of their own. But old habits die hard: their flirting gives way to fighting in the film's celebrated barn-raising scene and big brother chimes in with his own brand of advice--an old-fashioned kidnapping!

How can 188 5-star ratings be wrong? The music is wonderful. Who can resist Sobbin' Women? Not me.

Now, how about the chance to see it live?

Houston Family Arts Center is offering this roof-raisin' good time for the entire family April 24th-26th at the Berry Center.

I can hardly stand it. Who knows how much I'll have to offer to drag my man to see this? Might have to be a girl night.

HAFC will also have Summer Drama Camps and perfomances of The Jungle Book at their new studio located at Grant Rd. near Jones.

It's a wonderful day to 'Go Courtin'!

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