Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sports Camps

**updated 7/1/09

I feel as if I need to apologize for two things.

#1-The sports camps getting all the love before many other camps
#2- The sports camps list being dominated by baseball camps

What can I say? Go with what you know.

*Advantage Baseball Camp

*Champion Forest Baptist Sports Camps, brought to you by Triumph Sports.

*Cypress Academy of Gymnastics offers Parent's Day Out each Thursday in June, July and August

*CyFair Baseball Camp (not listed yet, but watch for camps that will be held the first 2 weeks of

*Cypress Infield Academy

*Jersey Village Baptist Sports Skills Camp: July 6-10

*Huber Tennis Ranch (camps not listed yet, keep a look out for them soon)

*Christi Borne Tennis Camp at The Met

*Cypress Lakes Golf Camp

*Matt Bullard Basketball Camp

*Longwood Golf Camp

*Blackhorse Ranch also offers a golf camp, but nothing mentioned on their site yet.

*Miracles Baseball Camp

*K.I.D.S Camp Soccer Camp

*Sports Prep USA

*Sports Quest Soccer Camps (lots of locations)

*Sports With A Twist

*Texas Tornadoes Volleyball

*Velocity Sports Nike Summer Perfomance Camps

*The Good 'Ol YMCA offers a multitude of summer programs for members and non-members. Stop by for a schedule. My boys enjoyed the Sports Camp last summer (indoor gymnastics-feel to it)

Although this is a pretty good start to run off some of that summer energy, basketball got absolutely no love in the camp department.

Please share your summer camp information!

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